Basic Information For people exposed not much to website management or management of HTML, that is a little low on the technical front, and want a simple website containing basic information, WordPress is the answer. Both blog and non-blog websites can benefit from it. It is a good tool for a site that wants to be interactive and provides sound web publishing infrastructure. Types of Contents Pages and posts are the two fundamental types of contents supported by WordPress. Information held in the web pages is meant to have continuity for a larger time span. Here always the earlier content gets changed whenever there is new writing on the old ones. However updates and news are contents that have to be more dynamic. Posts instead of pages are used for such contents so that overwriting for changes are dispensed with… Continued

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or AJAX is a group of interrelated web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications. AJAX can make it easier for you to meet the expectations of your website user. AJAX simply makes it easier for others to navigate through your site. For example, let us say that you have a website and this site contains lots of information and highly technical terms, the person who is viewing your website may be lost wondering that the meaning of the terms could be. Eager to resolve this concern and make things easier for the users of your website, you find a way for your site visitors to not have hard time guessing and finding out what the information means. You think of a solution that will provide immediate answers to any concerns and questions the users… Continued