Keyword optimization on any web page consists of fairly simple techniques which you can use to maximize the traffic to your web site. If you approach SEO with the philosophy of making the web page easy to read from the human standpoint, the search engine spiders will more than likely be bringing visitors to your site. Here are some tips which you can use to improve your SEO easily. RESEARCH YOUR KEYWORDS Using one of the tools such as Overture or Adwords, determine the rate of search for potential keywords which are associated with your web site. You can sort the keywords by keyword popularity or keyword volume in Google. This allows you to print and save a list of words to work with. CREATE EFFECTIVE TITLES Your titles should use the keywords early in the title, preferably in the… Continued

Best URL WordPress has well structured and designed themes. However it is still necessary to take certain steps to improve the wordpress themes for giving it better optimization for search engines. Enabling the permalinks is an easy first step. The step to be executed in the admin panel is Options->Permalinks. The best format would be The structure/96postname96/. This ensures that the URLs to the website articles should always remain unchanged. There will always be the same URL even when the category of the article is changed or with a new date the article is republished. Even in case of the website having two posts bearing the same title, the problem can be overcome by wordpress which will add in the end “-2” automatically. Title Tag From the perspectives of SEO, the most vital HTML tag is the title tag. One… Continued