Unlimited options of tooltips that can display normal to AJAX based websites

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or AJAX is a group of interrelated web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications. AJAX can make it easier for you to meet the expectations of your website user. AJAX simply makes it easier for others to navigate through your site. For example, let us say that you have a website and this site contains lots of information and highly technical terms, the person who is viewing your website may be lost wondering that the meaning of the terms could be. Eager to resolve this concern and make things easier for the users of your website, you find a way for your site visitors to not have hard time guessing and finding out what the information means. You think of a solution that will provide immediate answers to any concerns and questions the users may have.

In the past, the way of handling this kind of problem is that, from the example used, the technical terms and other hard to understand terms and information on your site have available links and buttons. Once the user’s mouse cursor hits on these buttons and links, a guide window with the necessary information will pop up, answering most questions your website visitor may have. However, this solution has been proven in the past to be time consuming and a little not so easy to manage. The user has to click on the link, wait for seconds (or minutes depending on the server connection) for the window to appear and then after reading, click the mouse button once more and close the window. With AJAX, things can be a lot a lot simpler and easier.

Using tooltips that can display help on AJAX based websites; it is possible that the moment the mouse pointer it above the term or information that needs further explanation, the guide or explanation window will appear immediately, almost in split seconds. And once the mouse moves away on a different direction, the window simply disappears. You as a website user, which will you prefer? I am most certain that the AJAX way with guide windows will win with a landslide victory.

If you are a website developer and you are think that using tooltips making your website AJAX based will cause a big impact on your web pages, you may want to think again. This AJAX feature will not affect the size of your web pages. Further, this method, the use of tooltips making your website AJAX based, is rapidly becoming more popular. It used on news portals, entertainment portals, banking websites, and many more.

Right now, there is an easy and simply way to make Joomla AJAX enabled. You can specify any link found in the document or script and make this link an AJAX link. IF you try to click on this tooltip in the content of the script in the main body, it will fade out fast and in a new content in the made body will fade in. The transition is done fast and smoothly.