WordPress: Optimizing for Search Engines

Best URL

WordPress has well structured and designed themes. However it is still necessary to take certain steps to improve the wordpress themes for giving it better optimization for search engines. Enabling the permalinks is an easy first step. The step to be executed in the admin panel is Options->Permalinks. The best format would be The structure/96postname96/. This ensures that the URLs to the website articles should always remain unchanged. There will always be the same URL even when the category of the article is changed or with a new date the article is republished. Even in case of the website having two posts bearing the same title, the problem can be overcome by wordpress which will add in the end “-2” automatically.

Title Tag

From the perspectives of SEO, the most vital HTML tag is the title tag. One can use different versions inside the <title>your title</title> which has location in theme/header.php.

Title Tag for Advanced Users

One title tag solution for advanced users is making proper use of the SEO Title Tag Plugin. Another option is to download and install the plugin. The next step is Replace the statement <?php get_header(); ?>. The context will be in  header.php file on single.php file , page.php file and category.php file in the themes folder. For different versions suitable titles can be worked out and the plugins used for creation of different versions of category.php and single.php having their respective versions of title tags.


HTML with the largest H1 to the smallest H6 defines the headings. When the articles are written headings are needed to be used. The main heading H1 should include the title of the article followed by H2 subheadings and H3 small headings.

Good Navigation

The blog homepage of the website receives most of the link power which then is evenly distributed on that web page among the remaining links. Therefore the visitors to the website need a good navigation structure. However there are some additional requirements like having links to the pages and articles considered important from the homepage of the website. This is achieved by using the best articles to make a category and then on the index.php file making a list of the best articles by using the WP Category Post plugin.

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